Thursday 3 February 2011

Winner of my man/boys theme at last

Hello all and I am here with yet another apology.......

My lovely generous son passed on whatever lurgy he had to me, wasn't that nice of him? And I have to say poor wee man no wonder he was so upset and clingy what a rotten cold it turned out to be! Not just the runny nose but a throat that felt like it was on fire and a banging headache. I spent all last weekend on the sofa with a blanket feeling very sorry for myself. Even at the beginning of the week I felt lousy and the PC was bringing on headaches.

As such I have still not been able to get round the rest of the entries so for this week only I am just picking a winner and no top 5. I apologise to everyone that I didn't get round to, I am sure your cards were all super and I am sorry to have missed seeing them all. Thankyou all for entering.

So without further ado....the winner picked by the random genrator thingy (my usual random number picker is at school lol) is 107 which is Tina with this cutie card......

Well done Tina!! I will be in touch soon with info on how to claim your prize :o)


Suzanne B aka brookfies said...

No need to happens and this is a massive challenge blog to run. You are doing a super job and people will understand...glad you are starting to feel a little better. Suzanne

Macpurp said...

hope you and Alfie are all better now!
love teen xx