Saturday 29 January 2011


Morning all!! I am here to apologise for the fact that the winner and top 5 will not be announced today.

My littlest monkey, Alfie, who is just a year old has been a bit poorly this week so between sleepless nights and clingy days where I have had him hanging off me all day I have not had the chance to get round everyone yet. He is starting to feel a bit better so I should have some time over the weekend to fly by everyone and should be back on Monday with the relevant info.

Enjoy the new theme later when it's announced, I think you're going to love it :o)

Amanda xx


Janice said...

Hope Alfie continues to improve, & don't stress Amanda - life happens! Jx

chrilvian said...

ooo amanda, i know how you feel
and sometimes i have 2 kids a night
at the moment is the daddy for his work at afrika so its all up to me

lalkygirl said...

aww ,i hope little alfie gets better soon and you all get a decent nights sleep
tracey x

Unknown said...

Hi dear, hope your little darling will be better soon. I remember those days, so I understand you. Hugs xxx